Boat Show Sponsorship

Should your company sponsor a boat show?  If your company is a player in the marine industry, boat show sponsorships could be a great way to get your name out to an enthusiastic boating crowd.  With boaters having an average income of over $100,000 USD, a boat show is a fantastic venue to reach your brand out to a qualified boating audience.  Average attendees at a boat show make more money and have more assets and toys than the population at large.  And, most importantly, many people go to a boat show specifically to purchase a new boat or boating accessories.

Sponsorship at a boat show can help you build your brand, create awareness, show your support for the boating industry, and obtain new customers right at the boat show.  Sponsorships range from various levels of investment, and are widely varied from different boat show organizers.

Here are some of the more popular boat show sponsorships that you can find:

Boat Show Lanyard Printing – These are the popular ribbons that visitors put around their neck which can be printed with your company logo.


Company Logo T-Shirts – Another great promotion is to give away your company tshirts.   For a small investment, you could have the right to give away t-shirts to a certain number of boat show visitors with your company name on it.  Many of these will be worn by boaters long after the boat show, so your branding investment lives on.



Company Boating Hats – Every boater loves a hat.  Giving away hats as your boat show sponsorship is a great way to instantly promote your brand, especially since many people spend more time outdoors at the boat show than they planned, and simply forgot their hat.  Here’s a popular hat from the popular sailing magazine Cruising Outpost:

Crusing Outpost Boater Hat


And one of the most common forms of boat show sponsorship is actual signage around the show.  Imagine seeing your company sign hung in view of 10,000 or even as much as 100,000 boat show visitors!  Successful companies like West Marine often sponsor boat shows as a way of keeping their brand in front of customers and promoting their stores.