Boat Show Floorplan – How to choose your space

Choosing a booth location at a boat show can be a challenge.  Here are a few tips to consider that will help your company select the right location for your marine product or service.

#1)  Remember that boat show participants are likely anxious to get in to the show to look at all the new boats!  Therefore, while many consider the entrance to be an excellent location, you might also consider that boat show visitors might be in a rush to get into the show and won’t want to stop until they feast their eyes on those beautiful boats!  Vendors that do very well at an entrance, however, are companies that give out free coupons, free magazines or free trade show giveaways like those listed in the Boat Show Sponsorship page.

#2)  Pedestrian traffic in United States tend to walk into a building and turn right and walk counter clockwise around the floor plan, while pedestrian traffic in United Kingdom tend to walk in and turn to the left and walk in the opposite direction.  As fascinating as this might seem, it is because humans are trained this way and condition to this pattern by the way they drive automobiles.

#3)  Space near bathrooms and food concession stands tend to be better locations in the floor plan, because eventually nearly all participants will walk by these areas.  However, be aware of the locations that seem near these prime areas but are far away from the actual path of traffic.

#4)  Attractions often equal distractions.  While many shows often offer fantastic attractions such as activities for kids and trout fishing ponds and seminars, the booths near these attractions often go unnoticed as peoples’ attention are on the “attractions.”

#5)  Generally the closer you are to the middle of the show and close to the most popular exhibitors, the safer you’ll be in selecting your boat show booth location.

We hope these simple tips will help you in selecting your booth at the next boat show in your area!