Directions for how to enjoy your Boat Show experience in  Washington!

First, choose your boat show from the hundreds of boat shows and nautical events on the Boat Show Calendar.  Then grab your friends or family and get your plan together!  Boat Shows are often 3 to 5 days long, or even as long as 11 days long like the Seattle Boat Show in Washington.  So with proper planning, you can see everything that you want to see and take your time in maximizing your boat show experience.  While you could certainly run through a boat show in a day, you might just miss the opportunity to find that super deal on a boat or new boating item that you really could use.  It is recommended that you look at the exhibitor list at the boat show first, and then make a list of the exhibitors that you would like to visit.  With many boat shows, the stand number or booth number is listed for each exhibitor, then you can download a boat show floor plan and make a mark on the map for each exibitor that you’d like to visit.  Next it would be wise to determine how long you have available for your entire boat show experience.  Many boat shows offer a discounted multi-day pass that will allow you to come back the next day.  One important tip is to look at the boat show seminars ahead of time so you don’t miss the boating information that you really could use.  Also, as some seminars are offered only on one specific day, that is another reason to plan ahead and consider the multi-day pass.  Then, set yourself a budget for how long to spend at each boat show exhibitor, and make sure to visit the most interesting and exciting exhibitors first so you don’t miss them by running out of time.  Finally, make sure you have good driving directions to the show, and figure out how to find parking before you get there.  Especially with some of the more popular Washington boat shows, parking can be a challenge so it is best to learn about parking options before the boat show.